“Birds of a feather, flock together.” “By associating we assimilate.” “By beholding, we become changed.” I view these three adages as related and speaking to the individual making intellectual, emotional and volitional connection with another individual (s). Relationship formation occurs in the ebb and flow of conscious and intuitive exchanges. In other words, negotiation is warp and woof of human existence and ontic commerce. If this is accurate, an altruistic view of life is essential for fair and productive interactions.

What do you think about these observations and assertions? How might any of it relate to secular/ spiritual/ religious/ social life?

2 thoughts on “We are in this TOGETHER, how can we get along productively?”

  1. The habits and practices of our associates do rub off on us. However, communities in this world are made up of good and bad “apples”. Unfortunately, it’s probably impossible to find a community made of all perfect apples. That will happen at the end of time when the good are separated from the evil. Jesus said that the dividing line between those groups will be their loving care for those who cannot repay them–their “altruism” towards the most needy.

    Pride is the root of all discord. In religious circles jealousy (sometimes veiled), which is one of the results of pride, is often the cause for dissension. “Jealousy is as cruel as the grave.” People who are saturated with pride compete with each other for “scarce resources” whether those resources are in the form of money, admiration, power, or any other such thing. They cannot be altruistic. They may pretend to be in order to gain benefits that they assume will enhance their status. However, all their pretensions are self-serving. Pride is the worm that destroys unity. People who are heaven-bound help to make this world heavenly. These people are described in the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5.

  2. You had time to reply multiple times. Thanks. I concur with your profiling of good and bad participants, but what about how to for them getting along?

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