The Sabbath and Social Activism

The Sabbath is sign for existential arrival and social survival. Read Exodus 20:8-11 and Deuteronomy 5:12-15. The latter makes present living as important as historical reflection.

Have you considered that life involves participating in meaningful group, organizational, and institutional activities that build productive relationships and structures? What is your legacy in the social sphere? Will your community miss you if you where gone?

4 thoughts on “The Sabbath and Social Activism”

  1. What I look forward to in Sabbath observance is worshiping with family, friends and with people who share like views on pleasing God and discussion in church. classes on topics that generally make improvements in community and social lifestyles.

  2. A very interesting post. I agree with you to refer to the Sabbath commandment. Although I disagree with the SDA interpretation, I have never stopped observing the 7th day Sabbath, refraining from eating “unclean” foods, etc., because that’s what I grew up with. However I am convinced that anyone whose spirituality is based on love for God and fellow human beings is on the right path. After all, Jesus came to teach and show us that love is the foundation of the law, and anything we do in His name that is not founded on love is absolutely meaningless.
    Regarding participation in community activities, etc., my main outreach at present is limited to working with those who are neglected or forgotten by relatives, friends, church, community, and community workers. None of these people have anything with which to repay me and are not in a position to give me accolades or anything tangible. That’s the role that God has chosen for me at this time and it keeps me very busy and very tight-budgeted. I am not knocking on any doors looking for other opportunities, but I’m willing to accept anything God calls me to do. If my work receives a “Well done” from Him, my life will have been well spent.

  3. Thanks for responding. The thrust of my topic and commentary is what do you believe and practice? Do you believe they should be separate or how can they be observe together. Keep serving according to your skill and vision.

  4. Thanks for responding. My topic seeks feedback of whomever about whether Sabbath and Social Action go together. Stay in touch or expand your ideas on this topic.

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