Resolving to Systematically and Consistently Study the Bible

I was taught by my mother, my maternal grandparents and many SDA Church “mentors” to value and study the Bible. Since  then and over the years, I have developed an approach to devotional and sermon preparation that I am confident can be emulated by whomsoever is serious and wants to improve their study habits and ability to learn and grow from personal Bible study.

What does it take for you yo start your journey for launching and or reviving a Bible study program that yields insight and inspiration for living better in this life to one do traffic in eternity (John 16:13)? 

2 thoughts on “Resolving to Systematically and Consistently Study the Bible”

  1. As a child going to church school learning about Jesus was taught to me. My class would sing daily, Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so. Attending sabbath school, hearing a sermon also participating in after church activities was growing me unknown. Thanks to mom of 12 children, planting the seed in us to know Jesus. Christian education and going to church weekly was not optional. I watched my mom as she retired for bedtime walking pass her bedroom I would peak in through the crack of her door to find that she always would read her bible for hours and i could not understand how someone could or even want to do so much reading at one time. Now as an adult I surely understand the love letter God has given to us, seems I can’t get enough, so rich and full of love, mercy and grace, Oh! so much grace. Like my mom I can hardly tear myself way to do my chores of the day, I just want to stay there in His presence, like a first love on the phone saying nothing to each other but just knowing he was there.

  2. Nice retell. We are products of our environment. Keep emulating the good seeds implanted and share their fruit with family and friends. Tell them about my website, FB Live and Wednesday Call In. I might help them too.

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