An Independent Ministry should be defined by its Best Practices

An Independent Ministry should be defined by its Best Practices Vision, Mission, and Objectives and not Organizational Phobia

I have been a baptized member of the SDA church since November 1963. I have consciously accepted the saving provisions of the Gospel since 2006. I have served the SDA church as an ordained pastor since June 1980. 3MMM  (Mark McCleary Ministries) was birthed with these rights of passage in mind and God impressing me to continue being productive and not focusing on organizational problems and approval.

Why and how should I or should not start a ministry independent of SDA governance/oversight?

7 thoughts on “An Independent Ministry should be defined by its Best Practices”

  1. For me, those who enter into personal ministry must first be well vest in the church’s doctrines, and should serve the church for a minimum number of years. personal ministry is not bad but must be done in a careful manner.

  2. Pray much. Depend on God’s guidance. Follow the teaching set forth in the Word. Don’t seek human approval. Jesus said: “My sheep know my voice . . .” Follow God’s leading and those who love Him will be drawn to join you. Your journey will need much patience as you travel the path of love and humility, utilizing the leadership skills that our Leader Jesus employed.

  3. You should start a ministry independent of SDA governance and oversight because you feel compelled by God to do so. Unfortunately, from your perspective, the SDA church, as a whole, has fell short. To bolster your point, I do feel like we are complacent so if running an independent ministry is your way of changing the tempo of God’s work, I encourage you to do so. Of course if this was done through the SDA you might receive funding and you would have already had base audience, but where God’s will is there will be a way.

  4. Pastor Meshach, what about the social aspect of life? Can an independent ministry be doctrinally loyal and deal with social issues w/o organizational oversight?

  5. Ditto for starting and sustaining. Individual accountability is ever present. So I read go for it (?)

  6. Received. Independence effects relationships and remuneration source. I’m pressing on the upward way…. Thanks

  7. The more I ponder this topic, the more I believe this has been key throughout my life and ministry career. Wars and conflicts are due to friction and intense opposition to an individual and or group way of thinking and doing to the point hurt, harm and physical violence are used to uphold one’s values, words, and behavior. What are you going to do to be productive in this area of social life?

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